Guiding Organizations towards Inclusivity, Collaboration, and Growth

As a dedicated consultant, Dr. Holloway provides a profound commitment to fostering inclusivity, collaboration, and growth within your organization. With his comprehensive knowledge and experience in cross-cultural communication, diversity equity and inclusion (DEI), resiliency and the power of human connection, Dr. Holloway offers tailored consulting services that drive positive transformation.

DEI Approach and Strategy Development: Dr. Holloway’s consulting services begin with a thorough DEI needs assessment that identifies your organization’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities, while helping your organization construct a vision for a thriving inclusive culture among teams. Through data analysis and stakeholder engagement, he collaborates with you to develop a strategic plan that aligns with your organization’s goals and values. This tailored roadmap sets the foundation for cultivating an inclusive and equitable workplace culture.

Workshop Facilitation and Training: Transformative change starts with informed individuals. Dr. Holloway conducts engaging workshops that empower your staff with the knowledge and skills needed to embrace diversity, navigate bias, and foster an inclusive environment. His interactive sessions encourage dialogue, enhance awareness, and promote active participation, fostering a culture of respect and collaboration.

Bias Recognition and Mitigation: Unconscious biases can hinder inclusivity and hinder productivity. Dr. Holloway’s consulting services include specialized training to recognize and mitigate biases that impact decision-making processes. By creating a safe space for self-reflection and learning, he equips your team with practical tools to address bias, resulting in fairer and more equitable outcomes.

Resiliency Planning: Change is inevitable, and proactive preparation is essential. Dr. Holloway helps organizations develop resilience in the face of all kinds of changes and challenges. Through strategic planning and resiliency workshops, he guides your team in building adaptable strategies that maintain productivity and unity during times of growth or re-structuring. His holistic approach ensures your organization is prepared to thrive in any circumstance.

Empowering Organizational Culture: Dr. Holloway’s consulting services are designed to create lasting change within your organization. By fostering a culture of inclusivity, collaboration, and growth, your team will experience improved job satisfaction, heightened creativity, and enhanced problem-solving skills. Together, you’ll build an environment where every individual’s contributions are valued and celebrated.


“Dr. Holloway did a tremendous job presenting to our faculty, and we have invited him back to help facilitate a DEI-focused activity!”

Maack, Brody, North Dakota State University

“Dr. Holloway did such a great job!! Everyone really enjoyed it.”

Casidi Pullar, University of North Dakota

“I had expected a discussion on becoming more aware of the diversity in others. Instead, your model comes from a point where it includes and binds us together as human beings and I have believed for a long time that we forget this in today’s society.”

Sandy Wyse, Fulton County Board of Developmental Disabilities

“Dr. Holloway was very informative”

Jaclyn Hunt, Spirit Lake Nation

“Dr. Holloway did a fantastic job in his presentation on generational programs and topics for older adults. It covered several of the 4Ms and the competencies that providers should be aware of in working with caregivers.”

Max Zubatsky, Saint Louis University Student Health

“We loved the presentation! Dr. Holloway is so fun to listen to and the passion that he has is palpable. We are very excited to have him again!”

Alicia Berhow, Tri-Valley Opportunity Council

“It was a new perspective in looking at diversity and I really liked it. [It] forces you to really look at yourself and your identities and puts it back on you to make the changes personally so you can help make external changes.”

Lindsey Deering, Fulton County Board of Developmental Disabilities

“You are fresh air!  Thought provoking vs. instructional. I hope to have access to the power point you used today, and hope that you may have a book published! Now I am going to see if I can find your art work online.”

Jenelle Cummings

Well received. Loved the way you presented this in a politically neutral fashion .”

Kate Ingalsby, Cleveland Clinic

“We truly appreciate Dr. Holloway joining and presenting for Nebraska GWEP’s Geriatrics Case Conference ECHO!! Attendees were truly appreciative for his presentation and engaging attendees to identify opportunities to reduce loneliness and social isolation for patients. Thank you!.”

Mary Jo J. Spurgin, University of Nebraska Medical Center